Landscape Drainage

Does your property’s lawn or landscape retain water in all the wrong places? Do your landscape beds erode quickly and lose mulch and topsoil? If so, you have a landscape drainage problem. We are drainage contractors that provide landscape drainage solutions and service in most surrounding communities.

Remember that water always flows downhill and takes the path of least resistance. If the water does not have a way to flow out of your property, it will just sit there. The basic goal of landscape drainage is to build a water flow system that lets the water out of your property by taking advantage of gravity. There are multiple types of drains to remove water from your property. In the southeast, most residential properties can use one or a combination of the following draining systems to fix their water retention problem.



  • French Drain

  • Landscape Trench Drainage

  • Catch Basin Drain System

  • Downspout Drainage and Diverters​


Drainage problems are one of the top issues for our local homeowners. Proper drainage is key in preventing erosion, overly-wet spots in the yard, and damp basements. Whether you are looking for storm water management solutions or simply want to keep the water away from the house, there are a number of ways to solve the problem & the following options should be included in a landscape design:

Grading. It's important to start with a slope (or grade) directing water around or away from the house.
Gutters/Downspouts/Draintile are essential. This drainage combination will direct water to a creek bed or rain garden. They are the next line of defense after grading.

Channel Drains for Patios, Pool Decks, and Driveways. These prevent water from puddling on hardscape surfaces.
Dry Creek Beds. Decorative, planted or a colorful statement of landscaping, dry creek beds serve a purpose and are not dry all the time. Basically a gully, they come in all shapes and sizes and carry stormwater in-between homes, around a house, to a garden, or to another body of water.

Don't Wait.....Soggy spots in the yard, a wet basement, or erosion all indicate a drainage problem. Contact us to assess the problem and present a solution!