Mosquito control

It’s Time to “Bite Back”!

Even the healthiest homes and yards have Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can infest your lawn and flower beds in a variety of ways and make you, your family, & pets miserable.
The mosquito control will be applied once a month during the warm breeding season of the mosquitoes to keep the population at bay. (Typically March-October... Based on weather conditions)

Southern Green uses the very best products on the market today that are safe for you and your family and proven to kill adult mosquitoes on contact. Insect growth regulators act similarly to insect growth hormones that occur naturally in insects and act on the immature life stages of the target insect, preventing the adult from developing.

Mosquitoes make it miserable to enjoy the outdoors at your home, cause rashes and debilitating disease that can have lasting effects

Call Southern Green to learn more about mosquito control prevention program. We can help keep you and your loved ones safe from mosquitoes. Contact us today to schedule your mosquito control program early because time is ticking away for us to get started on your lawn. Call Southern Green to learn more about our mosquito control prevention program.